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The Best Pots for Succulent Cuttings. Precious Pots for Budding Beauties

The Best Pots for Succulent Cuttings. Precious Pots for Budding Beauties

Hello, fellow succulent savants! A quick one from us today, If you've been trying to give your succulent cuttings the perfect home, you're in the right place. Let’s talk about finding the best containers for your succulent cuttings.

Rule #1: Drainage is King

Succulents love dry, arid conditions. If the soil stays too moist, your cuttings can develop root rot and perish. Hence, choosing a container with excellent drainage is crucial! Look for pots with one or more holes in the bottom.

Material Matters: Clay, Ceramic, or Plastic?

Clay and ceramic containers are great for succulents. They're breathable, which helps soil dry out completely between waterings. Plus, they're heavy, reducing the risk of top-heavy succulents tipping over.

However, plastic pots are not to be overlooked. They're lightweight, inexpensive, and perfect if you need to move your cuttings around frequently. Just remember that plastic retains moisture longer, so adjust your watering schedule accordingly.

Size it Up: Match Your Pot to Your Plant

Keep your pot proportionate to your cutting. Small cuttings do well in small containers, as large pots retain more water, which can lead to root rot. As your succulent grows, you can upgrade it to a bigger pot.

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